Olá!  Chamo-me Emma :)  I set up Portuguese Language Lessons 9 years ago, why?   I was hearing stories from other 'estrangeiros' - foreigners - living in Portugal who were struggling to learn the language, they were having painful learning experiences and learning, quite frankly, stuff that wasn't relevant and useful to them.  I was (and am now) always being asked - how did you learn to speak such good Portuguese?  I was looking for a change, so, I decided to put my skills and experience to good use and haven't looked back (apart from to see the progress!)

A lot has changed since then!  I now teach online as well as in the 'real' world, I have built up an enormous bank of great resources, I've learnt so much about why European Portugese is so particularly difficult to learn for many (tallking about pronunciation and hearing the language particularly)  I have learned what really works to  explain and practise key points.  And I've had a lot of fun and met some fantastic people!  (ah... and I have a five year old son who is also a great source of inspiration as I watch him learn!)

Another great change that is very exciting is that I have expanded and now have a fantastic team I work with - I am very lucky to know some talented teachers who are excited and enthusiastic about teaching Portuguese and I have fantastic help with all the back office stuff (yay!  Someone who likes admin!)  More about my team to come soon :)

If you want to read some testimonials from present and past students, there are a lot here!

A little more about me...

A few numbers - I’ve been teaching languages for 20 years now, have been living in Central Portugal near Tomar for nearly 18 years, and teaching Portuguese to foreigners for 8 years, over Skype for the last 4 years or so.

My training is in teaching foreign languages, I worked for over 8 years training young adults for Cambridge exams with great success, and I keep myself up to date on learning methods and material. What I find particularly interesting and is most useful to me is how we learn, the process, the difficulties we have in learning as an adult.

Over the last few years I’ve invested in a lot of text books and built up a bank of resources so I can offer a wide variety of lessons at different levels to suit my students.

I’m not a native speaker of Portuguese, I learnt Portuguese as an adult, attended classes and courses and did a huge amount of self-study to learn the language. I draw on my own (and my student’s) experiences of learning Portuguese as well as the similarities and differences between English and Portuguese to help others to enjoy learning and make the classes as relevant and efficient as possible.