Group Portuguese language lessons with a qualified teacher

If you learn better in a classroom environment, these group lessons or short, intensive language courses near Tomar and Ansião (or online!) are ideal. Together we’ll learn how to understand spoken European Portuguese, pronounce it correctly and build your knowledge of the Portuguese language. There’s a choice of three levels depending on your current understanding.

Weekly classes

Practise speaking Portuguese with other people and learn with a qualified language teacher who will give you valuable feedback on pronunciation, grammar and idioms. The lessons are planned and structured to suit three different levels of learning, and are designed for adults learning Portuguese, with a focus on real life situations in Portugal and a touch of humour to make the learning experience more fun!

 The weekly Portuguese language classes run in 12 week blocks several times a year and you can pay monthly (see below) or on a drop in basis and are great value for money at 5€ a lesson.

Classroom sessions: Ansião Tuesday mornings, near Tomar Wednesday mornings

Online sessions: Wednesday and Thursday evenings

Self-Study + lessons

Classroom or online

monthly subscription

The gold standard for learning Portuguese fast! For 25€ a month or 65€ for 3 month course, you’ll receive a study pack each Monday, consisting of videos, pdfs and flashcards for you to work through in your own time before the weekly class So by the time you come to the class you will be fully immersed in your Portuguese language study!

NEXT COURSES RUNNING: Start week 30th September, running for 3 months until 20th December 2019

Classroom sessions:

Ansião - Tuesdays / Chãos (near Tomar) – Wednesdays

Level 1B – beginners 9-10.15– words for everyday situations, pronunciation
Level 2B – elementary 10-15-11.30 – longer dialogues, some grammar
Level 3B – intermediate – 11.30-12.45 – working on developing fluency

 Online sessions:

Level 1Aor B: Wednesdays 5-6pm sign up here
Level 2B: Thursdays 5-6pm sign up here
Level 3B: Thursdays 6-7pm sign up here

All times are PT time

Short, intensive language courses

Learn Portuguese faster with these topic-based short language courses that focus on speaking and pronunciation. Suitable for total beginners through to intermediate Portuguese speakers, the three and five day courses are a fantastic way to kick-start your learning and help you to prepare for the CIPLE exam.

The five-day courses are grammar based, and as with all of Emma’s classes, each one focuses on one particular area, proven to be the most effective way to learn and retain a new language.

The three-day courses cost 50€ and run Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in Ansião and around Tomar in Central Portugal.

The five-day courses cost 80€ and run over two weeks, with the option to sign up to different levels throughout the year.

Group classes online

If you can’t get to Tomar or Ansiao for your Portuguese lessons, we also run group classes online. For an even more powerful way to fast track your learning, you can combine online group classes with our self-study options as well.