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On track On line European Portuguese!

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NEW - Affordable Quality Blended learning with Portuguese Language Lessons

A very exciting new dimension to the learning experience has begun!

The 'On Track Online' classes are a combination of self-study - you get a study pack each Monday with a 15min video, pdfs and flashcards - and a 45min group session where you can ask questions on the  material. 

Available at 3 levels and incorporating structured self study (interactive flashcards, training videos and pdfs of news articles and exercises) and group online classes in which you will do an activity working with another student, guided and monitored by the teacher.

The goal of these courses is to get you speaking, understanding and pronouncing words correctly.  

The content will be everyday situations at all levels and for higher levels also current news articles .

Because we all know the more often we study, the better it sticks, your learning will be varied and structured, so you will be motivated to do at least a little on most days throughout the week in order for  you make progress and gain motivation.  

Most of the class you will spend working with a partner doing structured pairwork activities to practice what you've studied earlier in the week.  I monitor the groups and give support and feedback.   I'm seeing really good progress in the students doing these courses - the variety of different components seems to mean there's something there to suit most people, you can do as much or as little as suits :)  This costs 25€ per month for study pack plus classes for 1 month.  In the first month you pay an extra 5€ for an induction session where I go through the technology with you and make sure you are comfortable with it.  The next indiction session is Monday 8th October 5.30.  The next 4 week block of lessons starts next week - 8-31 Oct.

In the classroom sessions, you get the extra support of Quizlet flashcards sent weekly if you pay monthly (18€), and those who are subscribing to the study pack along with the classes are coming to class very well prepared and confident - for an extra 7€ per month (25€ in total) , as well as the classes you receive a study pack each Friday before class (video, pdfs and flashcards).  If you want to just come along to the classes it's 5€ per session.

What exactly is this?

  • On Monday you'll receive access to the interactive flashcard study system Quizlet sets with material related to the week's class. See here for more info on the Quizlet

  • Also on Monday, you'll receive an email inviting you to watch a 15 min training video plus you will get a pdf related to this of easy to follow activities and exercises (and the answers)

  • If you choose the self-study plus weekly class option (available March-May / September-November), on Wednesday or Thursday each week you will attend the 40min group lesson online. In this, after a short question / answer session, you will participate in activities with another student (also online but somewhere else!) that will be monitored so you get immediate feedback on how you are doing.

  • After class, you will receive an email with a pdf of a follow up exercises plus a copy of all the notes that were made in the class.

  • Out of class support is provided in a private Facebook group and participating students are encouraged to email and get in touch and ask questions at any time.


Levels available - See table of levels for more info!

1 - Total or near beginner

2 - Elementary

3 - Intermediate

Quanto custa?  How much does it cost?

Option 1:  100% Self-Study

15€ per month - you receive the Quizlet sets, training video and pdf, and homework.  This is available at all levels and to start at anytime.  To receive a whole 3 month course 40€

Option 2:  Self-Study plus weekly classes (March- May / September-November)

30€ for the first month.  This includes access to training videos on how to use the onine platforms Quizlet and Zoom (both fantastic and free) and invitation to 20 min induction session to show you the learning system and where you can chat online to a teacher and have any questons answered (First Monday of the month at 6pm)  25€ per month for subsequent months.

Payment by PayPal or bank transfer at the moment


When is this running?

 Just material:  Start anytime from 4th June 2018

Material and classes: 3rd September to 29th November 2018 / 5 March to 31 May 2019  - You can start at the beginning of any month

Optional Extra

For those of you who want to give yourself a challenge, there will be an optional end of course test the week after the course ends to evaluate how you have done, including an oral test :)  This will cost 10€, and a certificate will be provided with a breakdown of your marks.

Sample material for a high elementary (level 2-3) class

LInk to pdf with access details to Quizlet interactive flashcards

Link to pre-class training video

Link to pre-class pdf

Link to in class activity pdf

Link to homework pdf

Link to homework audio track