1:1 or group Skype lessons with a teacher to guide you in real time

Online classes are a great way to learn Portuguese at your own speed and when it suits you.

With our many years of experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language we have built up a huge bank of learning resources that our qualified teachers use during the online lessons. The individual Skype or video conference classes are tailored to you, depending on your learning preferences, level of existing understanding of the language and what your goals are for learning Portuguese.

1:1 or 1:2 classes

With individual online Portuguese lessons you have your own teacher and you set the timetable. The benefits to this approach is that the classes are adapted to your learning style and speed, and also to times that suit you best. Choose one to one classes or if you prefer the motivation of learning with a partner or friend, we also offer lessons on a 1:2 basis.

Our teachers of European Portuguese are all qualified to teach foreign languages. We train them to use our proven and effective learning resources, so all of our students get the same consistent experience of learning Portuguese, and we know it works! All our Portuguese language classes are available at Beginner; Elementary; and Intermediate levels.

COST: 15€ per hour / 8€ per half hour (1:1) / 20€ - 10€ (1:2)

On Track Online

Self-study + group online classes

The best way to fast track your Portuguese language learning experience, this innovative study method combines videos, pdfs and flashcards for you to learn from in your own time, without needing to be online, PLUS  an hour long group online session with a teacher where you will work with a partner doing structured speaking activities based on the week’s material, monitored by a teacher to give you instant feedback on your progress. Also, you can ask questions on the material and check that you are on the right track.

We know that the more often you study, the better is sticks, so we make sure that your learning is varied and structured to motivate you to study your Portuguese at least a little every day. With this approach, you will be amazed at how soon you will start to see progress!

The goal of these online Portuguese courses is to get you speaking, understanding and pronouncing words correctly. We send you a study pack each Monday with a 15 minute video, pdfs and flashcards. We use every day situations for the content. During the group class, you will work mostly with a partner doing structured activities to practise what you’ve studied by yourself earlier in the week. A teacher monitors the group and gives support and feedback, just like in a classroom setting.

At only 25€ per month, or 65€ for the 3-month course, this is also the most cost-effective way to learn Portuguese fast. There are regular free induction sessions to guide you through the format and all the materials to make sure you make the most of all the resources available to you.

Classes are held Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Each course runs for 3 months, you can join at the beginning of any month.


NEXT COURSES RUNNING: Start week 30th September, running until 20th December 2019

Level 1Aor B: Wednesdays 5-6pm sign up here
Level 2B: Thursdays 5-6pm sign up here
Level 3B: Thursdays 6-7pm sign up here

All times are PT time