Portuguese Language Lessons

Self Study with Portuguese Language Lessons

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Studies show that when it comes to learning a language, little and often goes a long way.  With this in mind, I've put together self-study packs at three levels:

  • 1 - Beginner

  • 2- Elementary

  • 3 - Intermediate

    These have been available for over a year now and are proving very popular :)

O que é?  - What is it?

Cinco - Five sets of activities each week, four weeks a month.

These are carefully designed to build up your vocabulary and knowledge of European Portuguese.

Each month is available to you for 3 months - great value for money!

Do you want to TRY - grátis, no obligation? Scroll down to get to the TRIAL sets.

Quanto custa? - How much does it cost?

Cinco - Five Euros a month (or less if you sign up for more than one month - see below) 

1 month - 5€

3 months -13.50€

7 months - 30€ (one month free!)

** All regular students receive FREE access to the self-study packs!:


Level 1 - Beginner

You will get activities on:

  • pronunciation

  • words that are similar in English and Portuguese (cognates) 

  • simple verbs

  • vocabulary

  • simple phrases

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Level 2 - Elementary

You will get a PDF of a short recent news article, plus activities on:

  • vocabulary taken from the news article to enable you to comfortably read it

  • an irregular verb

  • vocabulary topic

  •  vocabulary phrases

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Level 3 -Intermediate

You will get a PDF of a short recent news article, plus activities on:

  • vocabulary taken from the news article to enable you to comfortably read it

  • verbs

  • phrases

  • idioms

Just click below to get to the FREE TRIAL sets and PDF

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How does the interactive flashcard system - Quizlet - work?

I have chosen to use the Quizlet virtual flashcards and learning system for most of the activities - have you ever tried it?  You have 'flashcards' - i.e. words and definitions, images where appropriate - and I've put in the European Portuguese recording for all the Portuguese. 

'Quizlet has been an added bonus; incredible value for money' - Margaret, Chão da Parada

Then you have activities to practise -

•          Learn - match the word and definition

•          Write - translate into Portuguese,

•          Spell - write what you hear

•          Test - you can do a customised test

•          Match - a game to match the all the words to the definitions

•          Gravity - an against the clock game

All these for each of the 5 sets of vocabulary you get every week.  Most people find their favourite activities and work most on them.  You can even select just a few words from each set to work on. 

'Your Quizlet sets are great, very cheap and easy to use.  You do the sets in your own time, and can do back over them whenever you have the time.  I think it's a winning teaching formula, everyday words and phrases that you need.  Improving my confidence in speaking Portuguese in the real world.  Everything is explained and Emma is on hand should you ahve problems.  Didn't know what to expect from Quizlet, but I am learning Portuguese much faster than I Imagined.'  Peter Mulholland, Ansião

This works brilliantly on pc, mac, tablet, iPad and phone - so great to fit in a 2 minute study session wherever you are. 

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How does this differ from apps such as Duolingo and Linguee and why is it so good?

You choose exactly what you want to do and then do as little or as much as you like.  You do not have go through a whole load of exercises that do ot interest or ar not relevant to you!

As a teacher, I REALLY see the progress that my students who regularly use Quizlet make.  (To be very honest, I do not think the time spent on the other apps is efficient learning)

Plus, these sets have been put together with the needs and interests of adults learning European Portuguese in mind.

What do you need to do if you'd like to sign up to receive the self-study packs each week? 

Get in touch I will send you the payment details (PayPal or bank transfer at the moment) plus the invitation link to join the month's group.

Once I've sorted out the technology, I will be making a series of short videos on how to get the most out of Quizlet - watch this space! 

What do students think?  Some comments!

I find learning Portuguese with the Quizlet sets Emma creates, fun and never boring.  It has increased my Portuguese vocabulary, and has helped me to better understand when I am being spoken to.  I especially enjoy the idioms sets, it is very interesting trying to understand them.  :)'  Melissa K  Pinheiros, Chãos

'I have used the intermediate self-study sets for a few months and find them very helpful. The weekly article challenges my reading skills with new vocabulary and content that demonstrates ‘real life’ language. I have sometimes used the article as the basis of conversation with my Portuguese neighbours.  I also appreciate the additional content, particularly the phrases and word combinations that aid in understanding and being understood.   The Quizlet app is a great learning resource, allowing various and fun ways of learning and practicing the new content. The weekly delivery of the study sets provides a good motivation for independent study and can supplement face - to - face classes.'  Susan Clay, Ferreira do Zézere

'fun and simple, and they make me want to do them more and more.  I now know how to order a black coffee, instead of drinking Galao's all the time, or have a juice for a change.  I love the little tests and feel so proud when I occassionally get 100%.  It's a brilliant way to learn and like I said, Emma's lessons are fun, making it easier all round.'  Lou Portugal