Portuguese Language Lessons

Learn European Portuguese by Skype with Portuguese Language Lessons

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Ideal if you can’t make it to classes, or want a more intensive or individual learning experience.

Online Classes in European Portuguese

Online classes - Wednesday evenings:
Level 1: 5.30-6.15 / Level 2:  6.15-7pm / Level 3: 7-7.45

Start 8th October / 5th November for online sessions

Classes go at your pace, you study what you want and need, you have as much or as little homework as you like.

I like that I can take this at my own speed and if I needed to go over something it wouldn’t hold anybody else up.’

Lessons are conducted in English and Portugese to ensure everything is understood, and a variety of listening material is used to expose learners to different voices.

We have sourced and invested in quality material and put together a huge and varied bank of up to date and modern resources over the past seven years so can offer lessons to suit most needs.  

I liked the online resources used very much’

Emma, founder of Portuguese Language Lessons, has 20 years' teaching exprerience in teaching foreign language to adults, 8 years of which are full time teaching European Portuguese, and has been teaching online for over 3 years now.  So in taking classes with her, you will get the benefit of a lot of experience!  Having successfully learnt European Portuguese as an adult, she is able to pass on tips and tricks to learn faster, enjoy the process and sound more Portuguese!

Compared to some other online learning Portuguese classes I’ve taken, the varied use of materials is quite helpful and refreshing.’

Click here to book your free taster session or for more information. 

Online classes - Wednesday evenings:
Level 1: 5.30-6.15 / Level 2:  6.15-7pm / Level 3: 7-7.45



Quanto custa? How much does it cost?

Pre-paid bundles of 10 classes.  

         1 person        2 people

25 mins    8€            10€

55 mins   15€            20€

As a bonus for pre-paying, you get FREE access to the study packs! for 3 months :)

If you prefer to pay as you go, that is also possible, but costs a little more to cover the increased admin. 

  1 person        2 people

25 mins    8.75€            11€

55 mins   16.75€            22€

Payments by PayPal or bank transfer.  Portuguese tax receipts provided

Lessons with us are flexible - we know learning as an adult can be tricky to fit in and can work around your busy life!  So, although most people prefer to have a fixed time for classes each week, if you ca only fit in classes when you can, that is usually no problem :)  However, we do have a late cancellation fee (half the lesson price)


How does it work?

Over a normal Skype call (it can be with or without video your end, or over Google Hangouts if you prefer) you have lesson, very similar to an individual class.  The type of class you would like to have will be arranged beforehand, for example: 

  • situational classes to prepare you for life in Portugal - going shopping, café etc

  • learning the grammar - getting you started, brushing up on the verbs, learning the tenses etc

  • building on the grammar you know - learning and practicing new structures

  • building your knowledge by analysing texts and listening to dialogues

  • role play activities and games to get you speaking and using the language you know

We have lots of tried and tested material available, plenty of (optional!) homework, online resources to consolidate and practice.  And we are always putting together new activities!

  • The day before class, you will receive the PDF(s) of the class material so you can look at it or print off if you would like beforehand.

  • During the class we will work through exercises together and do listening and speaking activities.  The teacher 'screen shares' with you and uses a virtual whiteboard so you can see what is being worked on.  

  • After class, you'll get all the notes from the class and any suggestions for after class work.

Would you like free 30 min taster lesson to show you how it works?  No obligation!  Consisting of:

  • a quick level evaluation

  • chat about you and your Portuguese

  • a short class suitable for your level