From Portuguese Language Lesson's students.

Muito obrigada - Thank you very much to the students who have taken the time to write these testimonials.  If you would like to know about any classes or courses mentioned here - get in touch!

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Skype and Self-study

I followed Emma’s Skype lessons for over a year in preparation for my permanent move to Portugal. Thanks to Emma I went from being a complete beginner to someone able to hold a conversation. Since moving, I have even been able to deal with Portuguese administration without any help! 

Emma tailored lessons to suit my needs and Quizlet has been an added bonus; incredible value for money.

Margaret, Chão da Parada

Private Tuition

I have found the lessons from Emma brilliant. Emma is a language teacher who can not only explain the complexities of the Portuguese language but also has a very good knowledge of the psychology of learning a new language. I have taught people how to speak English clearly for 24 years but I have found that having the confidence to speak Portuguese has been difficult, Emma has understood my fears and has tailored the lessons to suit me. She keeps up to date with all the latest ideas and is happy to pass on all her knowledge to her pupils.

Serena Greenslade , Chaos, Portugal.

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Private tuition

We are both in our 60’s and thought that learning a new language, at our age, would be impossible.  Emma is professional, knowledgeable and encouraging.  All lessons are relevant and she makes them so interesting that you can’t help but progress.  We highly recommend her.  

Pete and Jane Buller, Tomar


I was nervous about learning a new language, especially one where i could only practice through distance learning.. but Emma has been wonderful. Just giving me the confidence to go into the local shop and asking for the basics helped me immensely with settling in. one-on-one lessons with quizlet to practice in between has been so much helpful, thanks Emma

Kathryn United Arab Emirates


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I find learning Portuguese with the Quizlet sets Emma creates, fun and never boring.  It has increased my Portuguese vocabulary, and has helped me to better understand when

I am being spoken to.  I especially enjoy the idioms sets, it is very interesting trying to understand them.  :)

Melissa K  Pinheiros, Chãos


Dear Emma, 

Your Quizlet sets are great, very cheap and easy to use.  You do the sets in your own time, and can do back over them whenever you have the time.  I think it's a winning teaching formula, everyday words and phrases that you need.  Improving my confidence in speaking Portuguese in the real world.  Everything is explained and Emma is on hand should you ahve problems.  Didn't know what to expect from Quizlet, but I am learning Portuguese much faster than I Imagined.

Kind regards, Peter Mulholland, Ansião


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We have been studying for a couple of months with Emma, and loved every moment. She is an excelent teacher, well experienced, full of patience and very creative.

In particular, we appreciate the emphasis on the foreigner’s point of view; pronunciation and daily exercises.   

Most recommended!!!

Tamar e Barak, Odemira, Portugal.




5 day-course

Easy - EMMA stands for Enthusiastic and Encouraging,  Motivating and Manageable, Awesome A plus plus teacher.

Seriously if you are considering improving your Portuguese - to any degree, look no further.  I doubt  you will find any other British speaking Portuguese teacher that will have such an effortless and infectious style of teaching.   Emma really does bring everything down to the smallest manageable chunks so that you feel immediately you are making progress and she doesn't labour you with the boring grammar - only the parts that you really need to know to make the difference in moving forward. 

SAM Malone, Óbidos


Being dyslexic I struggle with the English language let alone a foreign one but Emma has tailored her approach to teaching for me and makes it much more manageable and fun to learn than I could have possibly hoped for.   Would highly recommend this language school, not just for this, but because they are great value for money and  the background support and assistance you get to help you learn is awesome too!

Faith Canter – Tabua



“ I had the specific goal of passing the Portuguese CIPLE A2 exam which is needed to apply for citizenship.  Skype lessons with Emma covered all aspects of the exam, I found the homework particularly useful.  For me this was much more effective than other courses or self study programs. Also I passed first time.”

James Collis Caldas de Rainha


3 and 5-day courses

Fabulous lessons, Emma is a lovely calm teacher who especially improved my confidence when speaking portuguese. I had always found languages very difficult and didn't understand but Emma has a gift and I've actually learnt, we both have and we just want to say muito obrigado amigo 

Denise – Ansião


Skype, Weekly clases, Self-study

I’ve found Emma’s lessons excellent value for money considering the amount of content included whether using Skype lessons, weekly classes or one to one, I’ve tried all three variations and I know my preferred way, why not try and find out what suits you?

Tracey, Maçãs Dona Maria, Alvaiazere. 


 I love Emma's lessons!  They are easy to use and easy to understand.  One of the biggest issues I have had learning this difficult lesson, is the fact that most tutors want us to learn the grammar first.  That is where I struggle!  I just want to be able to say hello to my neighbour and ask her how she is.  I don't need to know the 'he is, she is, they are's of the conversation, I just want to say hello! Emma's lesson are fun and simple, and they make me want to do them more and more.  I now know how to order a black coffee, instead of drinking Galao's all the time, or have a juice for a change.  I love the little tests and feel so proud when I occassionally get 100%.  It's a brilliant way to learn and like I said, Emma's lessons are fun, making it easier all round. 

Lou Portugal

Weekly classes

The best Portuguese lessons I have ever had.
Plenty of practice in listening and understanding and great assignments for even making more progress at home.  Miranda, Portugal


I have regular individual Skype classes and find them really useful. For me it's really handy to have lessons in my own home and not have to go out. Emma is really good at tailoring the lessons to meet my needs and she very quickly tuned into my level and my rather haphazard approach to learning!

The lessons are interesting, clear,  fun and well prepared. The content is varied and there are alway lots of reference materials.

My Portuguese has definitely improved and I feel that I am understanding more and even getting to grips with using new verb tenses and grammar that until now have been a mystery to me!

I particularly like being able to save up a list of questions that come up during the week in everyday conversations with neighbours ,my daughter's school and work contacts .I regularly ask Emma's advice on how to say what I want to say in the clearest,most portuguese way possible and she always leaves me feeling much more  prepared and most importantly as if I can do it!

My past experiences of language classes have been rather stuffy and dull!  This is completely different and much more flexible. Emma has lots of really good tips on approaching language learning and her enthusiasm is infectious.

I was initially concerned that the technology would let us down but lessons by Skype have run very smoothly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to improve their Portuguese and feel more at home in Portugal!

Lucy Jackson, Junceira, Tomar

Weekly classes and 5-day course

We have done  2 sets of weekly classes and an intensive course with Emma so far and will be doing more. The classes are informal, fun and convenient for us being in Ansiao.  We now recognise lots of words in conversation and are confident to try out our Portuguese.  The quilzlet sets are easy to use, different types of games to aid learning and we find very helpful.  The classes are great value for money, Emma provides all worksheets which are very professional.  As older learners and not having learned any other language before we can highly recommend Emma, she is very patient and will answer any questions out of class by email.

Paul & Margaret Drew, Ansiao

5-day course

"We highly recommend the course we have done with Emma. Her understanding of the difficulties facing English speakers learning Portuguese is a huge asset. Everything on the course is pitched at the right level and it's in a pressure free atmosphere. The thought and preparation that is put into every lesson is evident and you feel that you're making real progress but at the same time enjoying it. Highly recommended and great value for money".

Neil and Lynne Tipping, Penela

Weekly classes and Skype

I have been a student with Emma both in the classroom and on skype.  Both mediums have been very useful for me.  Emma is an excellent teacher and is always very organised.  Her lessons are well structured and all the relevant material is provided.  I like the fact that Emma corrects my pronunciation and gives me regular suggestions on how best to improve my learning.  I have always found Emma to be a very patient and thorough teacher.  I have found that since continuing my skype lessons my Portuguese has improved and I'm more confident in speaking Portuguese outside of the classroom. 

Angela, Ansião

Weekly classes, Courses and Skype

In my honest view, I consider myself to be be very lucky to have found Emma almost 5 years ago. She provides different levels of teaching and learning understanding that ensure the different needs of every learner are consistently met across the entire spectrum of language learning.

Emma is uniquely positioned through her own personal experiences of living and working within the Portuguese community.  As well as her breadth and depth of skills and knowledge within the world of the adult teaching profession, it ensures that she can not only sympathise, but empathise with the complexities and frustrations experienced by all but the very gifted in language assimilation. She may or may not, I am not in a position to say, be the very best there is out there but I am entirely confident that she is without doubt the very best I know of out there to teach me the full range of the most basic of skills to what seems to me to be the most complex of grammatical and extensive colloquial use of pure and dialectical Portuguese.  

Chris Penela


I have used the intermediate self-study sets for a few months and find them very helpful. The weekly article challenges my reading skills with new vocabulary and content that demonstrates ‘real life’ language. I have sometimes used the article as the basis of conversation with my Portuguese neighbours.  I also appreciate the additional content, particularly the phrases and word combinations that aid in understanding and being understood. 

The Quizlet app is a great learning resource, allowing various and fun ways of learning and practicing the new content. The weekly delivery of the study sets provides a good motivation for independent study and can supplement face - to - face classes.

Susan Clay, Ferreira do Zézere


Having had a stroke I am aware I struggle more to learn and retain information so learning a new language was daunting. 

Emma lets you lead the lessons and learning is at your own pace and she is able to call on many different tools to aid you and prevent boredom. She can answer all questions and queries easily and always checks you have a firm understanding before she moves on. 

As the lesson price includes so much more like access to quizlet and replies to queries on top of the arranged session it is great value for money. 

Margarita São Martinho do Porto


I am enjoying these lessons.For me ,a 70 year old from rural Cornwall,it is great to be able to have a lesson at home that is tailor made for my needs.

Ruth, Cornwall

Weekly classes and 3-day course

I really liked the interaction and friendliness of the classes, the laid back and smooth calming aproach is very welcoming to me. With quizlet alongside the learning, you always feel supported and encouraged.

George, Martinchel. 

Weekly classes and Self-study

I have had a great experience studying with Emma.  My Portuguese has improved a great deal since beginning my studying with Emma.I find her way of teaching easy to understand and learn. At first when I came to Portugal, I took the free classes in Tomar, but these didn't work out well for me at all.  I find Emma's classes much more worthwhile and very reasonably priced.  I prefer to pay for a class in which I learn a great deal, rather than a free class where I barely learn anything.   I love the quizlet homework and study groups.  Quizlet is a great way of learning as it continually reinforces what you get wrong, so that you learn thoroughly and correctly.

Shobhan Tomar

Private tuition

Learning a new language as an adult can be a challenge, but with Emma's professional approach it is mostly fun and rewarding. We have gone from not knowing any Portuguese at all to being able to have nice little chats with our neighbours, going to the market or even the doctors - and all in a couple of months! Lessons are tailored to suit your specific needs, and Quizlet is a very good tool for both repetition and new skills. Maybe most importantly - Emma really keeps your motivation up when it's needed!

Cecilia and Thomas Jennings, Vale do Poço - Tomar 

Weekly classes, Courses, Skype, Self-study

I would thoroughly recommend Emma's teaching:  the classes, the intensive courses, self study sets and lessons on Skype. Her lessons are extremely well prepared, tailored specifically to each particular students needs/ requirements/ weaknesses and she is able to vary and adapt her own teaching techniques to best suit each individual student. She is endlessly patient and sympathetic with a very realistic approach to what the student needs to take from the lesson or course. The work sheets are excellent and Emma provides numerous invaluable study aids and sources of reference.

Jane Penela

Weekly classes, 3-day course

I joined your  extended classes as I needed more confidence in order to speak to my Portuguese friends; I found the classes stimulating,engaging and very useful especially on pronunciation, I will never forget how an 's' sounds depending where it is in the word! This  simple trick has enabled me to use so many more words as I am now sure of their pronunciation rather than just muddling through. 

By the end of the week I had achieved my goal and set myself a new target. 

The classes have clear objectives and my progress was regularly checked, the resources used were relevant and engaging. Overall excellent value for money.

Rowena Tomar

Weekly classes, Courses, Self-study

I have been attending Emma’s weekly language classes for nearly 4 years now, in addition to a number of courses and also Quizlets home study.  I have found the style, structure and content excellent.  Emma approaches both lessons and courses with empathy; fully understanding the challenges of gaining competency in Portuguese.  She is also a natural teacher; the classes are well thought out, with topical and interesting exercises; well paced with the right level of challenge and stretch.  

Emma’s style also creates a relaxing environment, conducive to learning.   You always leave the lesson feeling you have achieved something.  I very much enjoy them, and will continue to attend until I have reached my target. I would highly recommend anyone at any level to join!

Sarah W, Penela area