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Do you want to speak European Portuguese?

You are in the right place!  Portuguese Language Lessons is a well-established small company specialising in quality tuition, classes and resources in European Portuguese.

Our mission is your success!

Understand spoken European Portuguese, pronounce it correctly and build your knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Take a look around and check out what we have to offer - any questions, do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Too busy for classes?  Looking for a super-economical way to learn?

Self-study online European Portuguese!

For just 5€ /month or less, you'll get a pack of freshly prepared interactive material to browse or study each week.


Level 1 - Beginner

Beginner – you get 5 sets of Quizlet interactive online flashcards on topics that will be useful


Level 2 - Elementary

Elementary – you get a pdf of a short news article, + 4 Quizlet sets – vocabulary to help with the article, a verb set and 2 sets of vocabulary


Level 3 - Intermediate

Intermediate - you get a pdf of a longer news article, + 4 Quizlet sets – vocabulary to help with the article, a verb set, an idiomatic phrases set and a set of vocabulary

Getting you speaking and understanding is our priority.

We have a huge bank of quality resources for learners of European Portuguese to put classes together from.

You will have flexibility - no need to stick to a fixed timetable of classes if you don't want, and the classes will be geared to meet your needs, no fixed programme to plough through. 

Start with a free 30 min taster lesson (absolultely no obligation) and we'll show you how it works and have a chat about what would suit you and how to best get you learning!

Short intensive courses in European Portuguese are a fantastic way to kick-start your learning!

The 3 day courses are topic based and focus on speaking and pronunciation.  These run segunda (Monday) - quarta (Wednesday) - sexta (Friday) mornings

The 5 day courses are grammar based and each tackle one area of the grammar (apart from level 1 - the beginners level and CIPLE - exam preparation).  These run over 2 weeks segunda (Monday) - quarta (Wednesday) - sexta (Friday) mornings in the first week and segunda (Monday)  - sexta (Friday) mornings in the second week.

Courses run in January, February, June and July.  Next courses will be in June and July 2018.  

Weekly classes run in 12 week blocks - March to May and September to December at 3 levels.

The level 1 beginners class focuses on learning new words and phrases that will be instantly useful to you in your life here.   

If you are new to Portugal or Portuguese, or are looking to re-start after unsuccessful attempt(s) this is the class for you.

The level 2 elementary class will help you to express yourself better, putting longer sentences together and sounding more natural.  

If you have studied a little and are looking to move from words and phrases to sentences and participating in conversations then this is the class for you.


Some comments from students:

'We look forward to our weekly lessons – there is a relaxed atmosphere in the class - but we have to work hard too'

'Great value for money! We will be attending Emma’s classes for a while yet!'

'For the first time I found Portuguese lessons easy to follow, beautifully explained and perfectly pitched at my level. I was enjoying the learning process and my confidence grew as did my abilities.'

'In the time I have been attending the class I am amazed at how quickly I have been picking it up, now having the confidence to practice more and more on my Portuguese neighbours and whilst out shopping, in restaurants etc.'

The level 3 intermediate class pushes you on and develops fluency in Portuguese, using and developing the language you know.  

If you have been studying for a while and feel you are not speaking and / or understanding as much as you would like then this is a great class for you